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Oktoberfest Special


Oktoberfest beer

As it is served at the Wiesn

1,0 l

€ 8,70

0,5 l

€ 4,70

0,3 l

€ 3,40

Oktoberfest Menu

Creamy pumpkin soup

refined with ginger and pumpkin seed oil, garnished with gambas saté 

available vegetarian

€ 6,50


Mixed leaf salads with raspberry balsamico dressing, white sausage slices, mountain cheese cubes, grapes, radish and roasted pumpkin seeds

€ 14,50

Autumn Pasta

Ravioli filled with boletus mushrooms, in cream sauce with chives, fresh wild mushrooms, green onions, cherry tomatoes and arugula, served with side salad

€ 14,90

Paulaner veal goulash

served in a pan with Swabian noodles and side salad

€ 15,90

Oktoberfest Flat bread

baked in the oven, topped with crème fraîche, pumpkin, grilled sausage slices, diced potatoes, mushrooms and spring onions

available vegetarian

€ 12,90

Rib Eye Steak

300 g, with characteristic fat eye and fine marbling, served with pepper sauce and herb butter, French fries and side salad

€ 26,90


Grilled pork knuckles

with beer gravy, potato dumplings and cabbage salad

+ 1,0 Litre - Maß Oktoberfest beer

€ 19,90