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Christmas Specials

Christmas Specials

Creamy pumpkin soup

with pumpkin seed oil and roasted kernels

€ 6,50

Advent Tarte Flambée

with crème fraîche, smoked salmon, mushrooms, walnuts, camembert and cranberries

€ 11,90

Venison escalope

with fresh mushrooms in cream sauce, croquettes, green beans wrapped in bacon and pear with cranberries

€ 18,50

Venison goulash

served with Swabian noodles, red cabbage and pear with cranberries

€ 18,90

Lamb’s lettuce

with pumpkin seed oil vinaigrette and crispy bacon bits

€ 6,90

Pumpkin Pasta

Ravioli filled with pumpkin and cream cheese, in curry butter sage, mango, pumpkin seeds and parmesan, served with side salad

€ 14,90

Homemade gingerbread ice-cream

with warm cinnamon plums

€ 6,90